Low Vision Service

Low Vision Service

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The Low Vision Service at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), Sanpada near Vashi station, aims to serve people with extremely poor vision. These are the people whose vision cannot be improved through other medical or surgical means. The service greatly improves the quality of life for these individuals.

There are a myriad of eye diseases which either cannot be treated or have failed treatment leading to extremely poor vision affecting the day to day activities of patient and their families. The Service offers these patients the opportunity to make the best possible use of their remaining vision through a comprehensive rehabilitative process.

Plans are devised for the patient, based on the patient’s needs and profession in collaboration with him and his family. Patient undergoes a detailed eye check-up including basic check up such as-

 1. Visual acuity ( both distance and near)
 2. Contrast sensitivity
 3. Visual field, particularly the central visual field used for reading

The options and plans include magnification aids, computer tools and vision training. These individualised options help in safe and independent daily activities.