Retina and Vitreous services

Retina and Vitreous services

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The retina is a layer of nerve tissue located at the back of the eye. It functions like the film in a camera, capturing images focused by the structures in the front of the eye.  After capturing the images, it transmits them to the brain. The Retina and Vitreous service at the Advanced Eye  Hospital and Institute (AEHI) at Sanpada, near Vashi station is dedicated to the treatment of diseases that affect the retina and vitreous.

Our Retina Specialists are equipped to treat all kinds of the medical and surgical diseases affecting the vitreous, macula, and retina of patients of all ages.  We employ the most advanced tools in the diagnosis (Fundus fluorescein angiography, Ultrasound B Scan, OCT and Visual Electrophysiological Tests such as ERG, multifocal ERG, VEP and EOG) of diseases of the retina.

Some of the conditions treated include-

 1.  Diabetic Retinopathy
 2.  Age-Related Macular Degeneration
 3.  Retinal Detachment
 4.  Retinal Tears
 5.  Macular Hole
 6.  Epiretinal Membrane
 7.  Myopia Maculopathy
 8.  Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
 9.  Retinal Vessel Disorders
 10. Floaters & Flashes
 11. Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
 12. Lattice Degeneration
 13. Hereditary Macular Dystrophies
All kinds of injections are available for different retinal diseases. We also have a well equipped operation theatre and advanced machines for vitreo-retinal surgery. In addition to the most effective therapies currently available, we are engaged in clinical trials that give our patients access to cutting edge treatments.