Dr Akshay Nair
Dr Akshay Nair
Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ocular Oncology
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Dr Akshay Nair (MBBS, DNB, FLVPEI) is an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon and Ocular Oncologist at Advanced Eye Hospital, near Vashi in Navi Mumbai. Dr Nair has a strong academic background and expertise in performing basic and advanced lid, orbit and aesthetic oculoplastic surgeries. He also has many publications and presentations to his credit and has received many awards at national and international forums.


• Medical school:

MBBS: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2007

• Specialization:

DNB: National Board of Examinations, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai in 2009 - 2012

• Super Specialization:

Fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, Ocular Oncology and Oculo-Facial Aesthetics: L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India in 2012-14.

Observer, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai

Resident, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Fellow, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad



  • Ptosis (Droopy Eye lids) Surgery
  • Entropion surgery
  • Ectropion surgery
  • Orbitotomy eye surgery
  • Orbital decompression
  • Fracture repair
  • Post trauma repair (Reconstructive surgery)
  • Enucleation surgery
  • Evisceration surgery
  • Tear Duct Surgery
  • Eye cancer resection surgery
  • Eye cancer reconstruction surgery
  • Skin grafting surgery
  • Lower and Upper lid Cosmetic Blepharoplasty
  • BOTOX Injections for Aesthetic and Functional purposes
  • Dermal Filler Injections


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    Society Memberships:

    1. All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS), since 2010

    2. Oculoplastic Association of India (OPAI), since 2013

    3. American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), since 2014


    Referee / Reviewer:

    1. Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology, Informa Healthcare

    2. International Ophthalmology, Springer Publications

    3. Oman Journal of Ophthalmology, Wolters Kluwer Health - Medknow Publications

    4. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics – Mary Ann Liebert Publishers

    5. Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology – Elsevier

    6. International Journal of Ophthalmology

    7. International Journal of Urology


    Honours / Awards / Grants:

    1. ‘Best Poster Award’ for the poster titled ‘Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma- Clinical Profile, Management and Outcomes of 147 Patients‘ at the Annual Meet of American

    Academy of Ophthalmology, New Orleans, USA; November 2013.

    2. ‘Best paper award’: S D Athawale Award presented to the best paper read in the

    neuro-ophthalmology session at the 69th Conference of the All India

    Ophthalmic Society, Ahmedabad, February 2011.

    3. ‘Best Outgoing Resident’ (2009-2012): Sankara Nethralaya,___ A Unit of Medical

    Research Foundation, Chennai; August 2013

    4. Best Resident in Neuro- Ophthalmology: Dr. S Kanthimathynathan Endowment

    Gold Medal, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, October 2011

    5. ‘Young Researcher Award – Travel Grant’: In recognition of the presentation of

    the dissertation ‘The Utility of QuantiFERON TB Gold in diagnosis of suspected Tubercular Uveitis ‘, by the All India Ophthalmological Society; February 2013.

    6. Korean Ophthalmological Society (KOS) Travel Grant: A grant set up by the

    KOS and awarded to 40 overseas ophthalmologists participating at the 27th Asia Pacific

    Academy of Ophthalmology Congress, Busan, South Korea; April 2012.

    7. 1st Place: Eye-Q: All India Open Quiz Competition, organized by Wolters Kluwer Health, Chennai, August 2010.

    8. 2nd Place: Dr V G Appukutty Memorial Quiz at 1st Conference of the Ophthalmic Forum of the Indian Society of Anaesthesia, Chennai, September 2011.